About Poké-Post

What is Poké Post?

Pokemon Fan ClubPoké Post (Pokémon Post) is a term used to refer to receiving Pokémon Trading Cards via mail or postal service. It is something all Trainers look forward to and enjoy receiving! In a blog you ‘post’ entries so hence the name.

We are simply a couple of Pokémaniacs who want to encourage and support the Pokemon Trading Card Game (PTCG) to grow and thrive in the UK, especially in our local area of Southampton.

Enthusiastic players both in person and online, we collectively bring over 30 years of PTCG experience and are happy to help players both new and experienced however we can. If you are in Southampton on Saturdays our local League.

Who Are We?


I’ve been playing since I was about 12  – I started with the WOTC era Base Set and tried to stick with it. Unfortunately rural Ireland doesn’t have a lot of Leagues so I stopped. Then one summer while visiting  family I dug out my old cards and Cat and I played with old decks. We quickly got theme decks and started again from there! On a good day I tend to do reasonably well in tournaments and I won a cup in April 2018 with Buzzwole.

I am also a basic Judge for the game and help out at our league as well as run the Kids Club every other Saturday. I enjoy teaching the game and helping locals with their decks.

Armed with the powers of science and technology  (and a lot of googling) I somehow manage to get this website to work!

Favourite TCG Pokémon: Goodra!

Favourite TCG Card: Team Rocket’s Handiwork


If Joe is the brawn and brains, Cat is the heart and soul behind Poké Post. A long-time Pokéfan she is constantly creating new deck ideas and testing them. Where other people might see a weird card, Cat sees an opportunity to make a great new deck!

Cat is a TO and Judge who is quite organised and thorough – all excellent qualities in a judge – although I might be biased!

Favourite Pokemon: Bulbasaur

Favourite TCG Card: N

Team OddishOddish

At the moment we have an semi-informal TCG Team dubbed ‘Team Oddish’ The rules for team Oddish are simple:

  • Be Nice
  • Put your hand behind your head and do the oddish leaf wave!

The purpose of a team is to help the members get better. A team is an invaluable component of any competitive community as it allows you to pool resources and help each other out. Strong reasons for forming a team are outlined in the top book on Magic the Gathering game theory ‘Next Level Magic’ by Patrick Chapin. If you can buy a PDF of it (print copies are quite rare these days!) I would heartily recommend it. Even if you don’t actually play Magic the Gathering most of the overall concepts are extremely translatable across to Pokémon TCG.

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