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Trevenant – Forest’s CurseTrevenant

First up a disclaimer: Expanded Trevenant is a nasty nasty deck. It won’t make you friends – You have been warned!

Trevenant is a control deck. It aims to lock down your opponent via the Forest’s Curse ability and then spread damage around via Silent Fear. It can then finish with Necrozma-GX or simply by using Tree Slam.

Key Cards

The core of this deck are; Phantump, Dimension Valley and of course the XY Trevenant with Forest’s Curse ability.

Phantump – the underrated king of the deck. With Dimension Valley it can ‘attack’ for free and this allows you to search out and evolve into Forest’s Curse Trevenant, activating the item lock. If you go second you will attack with it, but if you go first you’re going to have to try and get a Wally (possibly via Ultra Ball + Tapu Lele-GX) in order to have it evolved before your opponent has a turn!

Dimension Valley – Energy is at a minimum in this decks (as always in expanded) so the ability to reduce your attack costs by 1 is quite strong. This enables a Phantump to use ascension without an attachment and enables Trevenant BREAK to use the Silent Fear attack with only 1 energy attached – a bargain!

Forest’s Curse Trevenant – you’re playing this 90% of the time to lock out your opponents ability to play items. Unlike similar lockdown abilities it doesn’t affect you, so you can play items but your opponent cannot. Additionally unlike Seismitoad or Giratina-EX you don’t have to hit with an attack in order to put the clamps on your opponent. Ideally you’ll get this up and running in your first turn in order to slow down your opponent.

Finishing off

The deck rounds out with Trevenant BREAK, Necrozma-GX and energy denial in the form of 2 Team Flare Grunts and 2 Enhanced Hammers.

Trevenant BREAK – as well as adding some Hitpoints, the attack ‘Silent Fear‘ is extremely powerful – 30 damage on all opponents Pokémon for only 1 energy with Dimension Valley – Bargain!

In a low energy format, knocking off the energy in addition to denying items can extremely hinder your opponents deck’s ability to function. As mentioned in the beginning – this is a nasty nasty deck!

Necrozma-GX is there for it’s ability to do 100 damage to all EX/GX for only 2 energy. This can enable you to essentially snipe off Tapu Lele-GXs, Shaymin-EXs etc after a couple of Silent Fears. It synergises perfectly with the energy type and Trevenant’s attacks so it’s worth the include.

Sample Decklist

As always your mileage may vary, and there are some tweaks that you may like to make. Those with a bigger budget could replace Jirachi-EX and/or Shaymin-EX with Tapu Lele-GXs. There are also arguments for either Lysandre or Guzma or both.

Drawing everything together we end up with this potent decklist:

4 Phantump (BKP)
4 Trevenant (XY)
3 Trevenant BREAK (BKP)
1 Shaymin-EX (ROS)
2 Necrozma-GX (BUS)
2 Jirachi-EX (PLB)
4 Prof. Sycamore
4 N
2 Wally
1 Karen
2 Team Flare Grunt
1 Acerola
1 Brock’s Grit
2 Lysandre/Guzma
4 VS Seeker
4 Ultra Ball
2 Enhanced Hammer
2 Nest Ball
4 Dimension Valley
4 Mystery Energy
7 Psychic Energy


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