Shining Legends Announced!

Shining Legends Announced

The next TCG expansion, Sun & Moon: Shining Legends has been announced.  This news via;

This new expansion features appearances by Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, including Zekrom, Latios, Keldeo, and more. You’ll also find some of your favorite Pokémon as extra-powerful Pokémon-GX, including Entei-GX and Mewtwo-GX. If that wasn’t enough, another cool aspect of this expansion (and the feature from which it takes its name) are the Shining Pokémon that can be discovered—be on the lookout for Shining Jirachi, Shining Volcanion, and many more.


All of these Pokémon will feature their shiny colours. Normally shiny or shining means holofoil or reverse holofoil cards. However for Shining Legends this means that the Pokémon have different sets of colours.

Shiny Pokémon

Shiny Pokémon are extremely rare occurrences in the video game. At less than a 0.1% chance of occurring you could play through a game and never discover one! Some have subtle differences whereas others such as Shiny Charizard are dramatically different.

shiny comparison

As well as being ‘Shining‘ the featured Pokémon will also be ‘Legends‘ – we are expecting to see Hoopa, Mewtwo, Ho-oh, Zekrom, Reshiram, Latios, (and Latias?), Entei (Raikou & Suicine?), Jiriachi, Volcanion and more!

I would fully expect at least a shiny Charizard, Rayquaza, and Luiga as well seeing as how these Pokémon are so iconic to the series. Charizard and Rayquaza are known for their dramatic colour change when they are shiny.

Shining Legends Boosters

Each Booster for Shining Legends will have 11 cards instead of 10, 2 of which are holofoil – so you have more chance of getting the truly shiniest of shinies!

However boosters will not be for sale individually, they will be in boxed sets which we expect to be similar to how the Generations sets were released.

Best of XY Collection

Best of XY Collection

XY Collection Hex Maniac
Full Art Hex Maniac

Rumours are just trickling through but by November 2017 we will have a best of XY Collection. The new “Premium Trainer’s XY Collection” will be released in America and Europe on November 17th!

This limited edition set will feature full art versions of several key cards from the XY card series In particular, key Supporters that never had secret rare/full art versions such as Hex Maniac.

The set is not 100% officially confirmed although rumours can be found on popular Pokemon news websites.

Set List

New Alternate Full Art prints of the following cards:

XY Collection Delinquent
Full Art Delinquent

Hex Maniac
Team Flare Grunt


With the new ‘Alternate Art’ set mark the cards are not ‘re-legal’ so Shaymin-EX will still rotate out following Worlds 2017. We will of course be stocking these so head over to the store to find out more!

Expanded Rotation 2017/18

Expanded Banlist Announced!

As discussed recently, only one card, Shiftry was banned in the Expanded format of Pokémon TCG. Shiftry expandedL Trump Card - Banned

However as of 18th August 2017 Forest of Giant Plants and Archeops will be banned from Expanded while Shiftry will be unbanned.

Unlike many other TCGs this is not common. Pokémon tends to be quite well playtested, resulting in very few bans. Why print a card if you’re just going to render it obsolete? In the example of Shiftry it was banned before it was legal to play – it was a massive exception as stated by TCPI:

No cards were banned from the Standard format. It will be an extremely rare occurrence for cards to be banned from the Standard format.

Another recent, banned card was ‘Lysandres Trump Card’ which could have lead to infinite game length and so was banned. Again the theme of what’s best for the game seems to shine through in the reasoning. Long may it continue!

What this means – Banlists?


However, this recent announcement of a bigger banlist, even if it only adds of a pair of cards, is a huge step for the Pokémon TCG!

Triad of Awesome

This means that in future Pokémon TCG may have other banned cards depending on the type of the decks played. Key points include preventing Turn 1 or Turn 0 wins/knockouts before your opponent has had a chance to play anything. This seems reasonable and keeps the expanded format mature. Interestingly Sableye with Life Dew and Puzzles of Time is still fine!



Why these cards?

Forest of Giant PlantsForest of Giant Plants [XY Ancient Origins 74/98]

– This is probably the most ‘controversial’ in that the effects are numerous and widespread. Forest of Giant Plants enables rapid evolution of grass type Pokémon. This facilitated Stage 2 Pokémon to be played on turn 1. While facing a  Turn 1 Venusaur might not be ideal, Pokémon like Vilplume could item lock you. Alternatively a bench full of Decidueye-GX could easily snipe you off the table.

The effect of this ban are immediately obvious – many grass decks, or decks that had a large grass component, will be nerfed. Decidueye-GX/Vileplume, Lurantis-GX/Vileplume, Seismitoad-EX/Vileplume – in fact most Vileplume!

In this instance it wasn’t the actual card itself, but the strategies which it facilitated that led to it being banned.

ArcheopsArcheops [BW Noble Victories 67/101] – Again nothing exists in a vacuum. Archeops was often combined with Maxies Hidden Ball Trick. This card enabled Archops, or indeed any Fighting Pokémon to be reliably played from the discard pile. Generally Gallade and Archeops were chosen for their abilities. (And Gallade has a decent attack too!)

Archeop’s Ancient Power Ability stopped evolving. Outside of Evosoda or Wally type effects, neither player could evolve. This could easily stop several decks (including those relying on Forest of Giant Plans!) dead in their tracks. While the Maxie+Archeops trick relies on several cards (E.G. Battle Compressor to put the Archeops in the discard pile) it seemed that the most direct route was to ban Archeops itself. Several other strategies (Dark Patch, Dowsing Machine, Bees, Night March) rely on Battle Compressor so that would’ve been a bad choice and Maxies’ isn’t overpowered by itself. Unfortunately for our favorite fossilized bird, the easiest thing was to ban it! I’m sure it’s time will come around again however.

State of the Game – Expanded Post GUR/BUS

Standard Context

It’s tournament season for Pokémon, Guardians Rising (GUR) has only recently been released and everyone is waiting to see what impact it has on the state of the game. The key card clearly has been Tapu Lele-GX [Wonder Tag] with others such as Drampa-GX and Garbodor [Trashalanche] making massive impacts. 3 Lele Expanded

The clear winner is Tapu Lele seeing multiple copies played in almost every successful deck – The winner ran 4! The change of the Standard game to a more slower, slightly less consistent format is clearly seen.

Less clear however, is how GUR has effected Expanded – there have not been any major Expanded tournaments and Liverpool 2018 and Worlds 2017 will be in the Standard format just after Burning Shadows has released.

Expanded StateShiftry expanded

Expanded consists of the Black & White series onwards, it has not rotated any already legal sets as of the 2017/8 rotation announcement although we are waiting for any clarifications, with rumours of a new banlist.  Unlike standard nothing has been invalidated yet. At present the only banned card is Shiftry due to the Turn 1 Giant Fan ‘donk’. This was a consistent way to win before you opponent had a turn! Not fun!

Online we’re seeing many of the same decks – Bees, Nightmarch, Maxie’s Yveltal, Turbo Darkrai, Zygarde/Cabink and even a smidgen of my beloved Sableye. At present many capable decks are in testing. These tend to be quite powerful standard decks too – Tapu Bulu for example, just made better for Expanded.

Staple format cards such as Colress, Ghetsis, Battle Compressor and others can essentially ‘expand’ a standard deck. Generally these cards make a deck faster or more consistent. We will have to wait and see what news the Pokémon Company International releases soon!

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